What hours is the Shop Third Eye phone line open for questions via phone?

You can reach us at 443-603-6394 anytime MONDAY-SATURDAY: 11AM-9PM, and SUNDAY 11AM-6PM.

When can I expect a response to my e-mail?

All e-mails to will receive a response within 24 hours. E-mail is the best way to reach us. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours (but normally much sooner), something may have gone wrong with your e-mail client, or our spam filter, and we recommend calling us at 443-603-6394 for assistance.


How do you grade?
We use Overstreet guidelines for grading. If you ever have questions about an item, please contact us at
Will my comic contain digital codes?

With back issue comics – many are ones that have been re-sold to us, and we do not factor in whether the code is valid or not when grading comics.

We also cannot guarantee codes that are older than 30 days are valid.


Can I add books to my order after finalizing an order?
Unfortunately, no. To ensure our super fast shipping, orders are processed automatically, so any additional items would require a separate order.
If an item is not available on your site, does that mean it is not in stock at your storefronts?
No. Our stores all have their own stock levels, so while an item may be sold out on our online store, it may be in stock at one of our storefronts.

If you’re local, please feel free to visit one of our stores (we promise, it’s even more fun than ordering on our site!) and check our stock!

If you’re not local, you can e-mail us at to check and see if we have the item in stock at Third Eye store and can make it available to you. We cannot always do this (i.e if the item is in high demand, we may not be able to short the store on it), but will do our best to accommodate requests.

Sales Tax Compliance?
In accordance with current US tax law, Third Eye Comics is required to collect sales tax on any transaction where there is a physical Third Eye presence (warehouse or retail store) in the state where the buyer resides.

So, for customers who live within the states of Maryland and Virginia, we must charge the appropriate state sales tax for each item shipped.

Can I cancel an order?
Customers may cancel their orders up until it ships. If an order has already been shipped, it cannot be cancelled. All cancelled orders will be charged a 10% processing and restocking fee. If you’d like to cancel your order, please fill out a request.

What happens if an item is listed incorrectly (I.E unavailable or out of stock, but listed as in stock)?

We work very hard to keep our inventory as accurate as possible, but unfortunately due to the thousands of items we stock, there may be times when an item is out of stock.

Please be aware that in times like this, we may have to refund or adjust your order accordingly.

We will always do everything within reason to fill an order, including checking stock at our storefronts.

I think an item may be incorrectly priced, what do I do?

Every so often, there may be a data entry error where an item is incorrectly priced.

If you email us at, not only will we get the error fixed if it indeed an error, but we’ll send you a special free surprise for helping us catch the error! 🙂

Does the image shown on the website represent the item I'm purchasing exactly?

We work hard to ensure that the images we use on the website represent the item we’re selling, but sometimes the manufacturers do not have final images ready until very late in the ordering cycle, which means we rely heavily on their stock images.

The majority of the items we list, will be exact to the item, but in some cases, the stock image may be either an unfinished piece of art (normally meaning it’s uncolored or a “sketch”), a virgin piece of art (no trade dress, title text, etc.), and as such we cannot guarantee that the item is going to match exactly to the item listed in terms of appearance.

If you ever have questions about cover art (where this is most prevalent), please e-mail and we’ll help you out as best we can.

If a book has multiple covers, please make a note that whichever cover you order is the cover you will be receiving.


What condition are your New Release Comics in?

All of our new release comics are brand new near mint. We do bag and board all comics before shipping at no additional charge.

What condition are your graphic novels, toys, and other non-comic merchandise in?
While we do not assign a grade to these items, all of our merchandise is stored and handled with great care. Over time, some items may have a little shelf wear – but we will always notify you ahead of shipping if there is a significant issue with condition.

When do you post new releases?

New releases are listed and available for purchase every Wednesday at 7PM EST – 1 week prior to their release.

When can I purchase new releases?
You can purchase new releases as soon as they are made live on the site, but please note that these books will not ship until the following week – so you will not physically receive them until the Wednesday of release at the earliest.

Do you limit how many copies of a title I can purchase?

Sometimes when a book is in high demand, and to ensure that as many of our customers as possible are able to get that book – we will set a limit of 1 per purchase.

For items in PREVIEWS, if your pre-order is in before the PREVIEWS deadline – there is no limit (this excludes items that may be allocated, INCENTIVE RATIO variants, and more.)


What forms of payment does Third Eye accept?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.


How do PREORDERS work?

Most of our pre-orders are done via the Diamond Comics Distributor’s PREVIEWS catalog.

This means your order is being placed 2-3 months in advance, and these items have not been released yet.

By pre-ordering titles, we will be holding these items to ship to you when they arrive, so even if the store sells out – you are guaranteed these items.

In the event that a publisher delays the release of an item that you have pre-ordered, we will contact you with updated release date.

When will my PREORDER ship?

Your order will ship the same week the item releases. You’ll be sent an email confirming shipment.

You may take advantage of our THIRD EYE FILL A BOX pre-order shipping option – where items are held for you until they reach a dollar amount of $25, and then we can ship free.

Please note – how fast your FILL A BOX fills up is all dependent on order volume, so you could get a shipment every week, or you could get a shipment once every four weeks, for example.

Please note: FILL A BOX is only available within the domestic United States.

When will I be charged for shipping on PREORDER items?
You will be charged for shipping at time of checkout.


When will my order ship?

Third Eye ships 6 days a week! Mon-Sat

Your order will ship the same day its received if the item is in stock.

If the item has damage, or there is a stock issue – we will contact you immediately to find out which route you’d like to go.

If the item is a pre-order, your order ships the day the item comes in stock.

What are your shipping methods?

All packages are shipped via USPS, and include tracking numbers.

What does your Third Eye Fast & Free Shipping Entail?

Your order receives the same level of care as any other order – which means: a lot!

We ship same day, just like any other order as well, to ensure it gets to you fast!

And, best of all – if your order is $25 or more — it ships free!

What are your shipping rates?

Click here to check out our Shipping Rates.

Could anything delay my shipment?

Any holiday that causes the United States Postal Service or UPS to close (i.e federal holidays, etc.) – but we will always have a notice posted on the site about holidays that may delay shipments.

From time to time – there are weather delays that impact our new product arrival; we will always communicate any delays. It’s very, very rare this happens.

Do you ship to APO or FPO addresses?

We do!

Can I order an item for in-store pick-up on the website?

You can! You’ll get a receipt of purchase from us via e-mail, so just show us that on your smart phone or bring it in printed out, and we’ll have your item ready.

Items are available for pick up within 24 hours.

If an item is not picked up within 90 days, it is assumed that the customer has abandoned them, and ownership will revert to Third Eye Comics. No refunds will be issued after 90 days.

Do you ship to forwarding services?

We do – but, please note: we are NOT responsible for any damages sustained in transit!

What do I do if my tracking number says an item was delivered, but I haven't received it?

It’s rare that this happens, but every so often – this means someone else at your residence received the package, or that your postal carrier left it at your residence and it has been lost or stolen.

As long as you report the missing package within 24 hours, we can contact the USPS to try to determine the location, and get the missing package resolved for you, and replaced.

How do you pack?

When ordering from Third Eye, you’re getting the best packing in the business.

We know comics mean a lot to you, and we want them to arrive in the condition you expect them in.

All of our orders are packed with extreme care, and shipped in custom-sized thick, rigid cardboard packages to prevent damage.

Whether it’s a box of comics, or a mailer of 2-3 books, we put a ton of time and care into packing each item.


What is your return policy?

Click here to check out our RETURN POLICY

What do I do if something is incorrect with my shipment (missing, damaged, etc)?

Please e-mail us right away at, and one of our team will be in touch with you ASAP to help resolve the issue for you.

Please always include a picture of the damage, so that we can make sure that the replacement item does not have a similar defect.

We put all of our items through a very strict quality control process where we’ll normally catch damages before the book ships, but every so often, human error does occur.