Drive-In Frights Vol 1 GN


(W) S.A. Check & Various (A) Rich Bonk & Various
It’s a triple feature of frights as American Mythology collects its original Drive In Frights titles in one nightmare drenched collection. Volcanosaurus is more terrifying that a hurricane of flying sharks! More bone chilling than an invasion of giant snow scorpions! And more destructive than gargantuan slithering snakes throwing down! Erupting from the very Earth comes an unimaginable threat – giant lava breathing dinosaurs! Meteor Swarm delivers an unstoppable horde of terrifying space hornets that has descended upon Earth and they are going to eat their way through every living thing in their path. And in Beast Hunter X the monsters of legend are being exterminated, facing certain extinction at the hands of a new breed… The super-beasts, more cunning, bloodthirsty and unstoppable than their predecessors!

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