Dungeon & Dragons Adventurers League Volo’s Dungeon Pass – 10 Sessions of Play


Purchase 10 sessions in advance for $29.99 — and SAVE $20 in the process! Even ol’ Volothamp himself would approve of this deal! You can purchase a Volo’s Dungeon Pass either in-store or online (and have it held for in-store pick-up), at the end of the session, turn that into the Dungeon Master at your table!
*PLEASE NOTE: these passes are only for players already registered to play with a table at ADVENTURERS LEAGUE. Purchasing a DUNGEON PASS does not guarantee an unregistered player a space at a table! Please email info@thirdeyecomics.com to be directed to the Adventurers League registration team to find out if you can secure a space at a table!*