Firefly Big Damn Heroes Box Set


This item is expected to be released on November 28, 2018.

(A) Dylan Todd & Various (CA) Scott Newman
Saddle up, Browncoats! Stick it to the Alliance by picking up the BIG DAMN HEROES BOX SET, packed with Firefly essentials to tide you over for the long haul through the ‘Verse.
Included in the box:
All 8 of the original, unsigned FIREFLY #1 covers from artists Lee Garbett, Joe Quinones, J.G.
Jones, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Jock, the map of the eVerse, and the Blank Sketch Variant!
BOX SET EXCLUSIVE variant from Tula Lotay!
Firefly Legacy Edition Book One, with a BOX SET EXCLUSIVE variant cover from Rahzzah!
BOX SET EXCLUSIVE Firefly print from Dylan Todd, some of which will be signed by Joss
Packaged in a collectible box!

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