BASLISK TP VOL 02 - Third Eye

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(W) Bunn, Cullen (A) Scharf, Jonas (CA) Scharf, Jonas

RELEASE DATE: 6/29/2022
(W) Bunn, Cullen (A) Scharf, Jonas (CA) Scharf, Jonas

Against vicious odds, Hannah completes the first step in revenge against the Chimera, with deadly results.

Vanessa confesses her knowledge of a destiny they can't avoid, and a sacrifice they'll have to make.

Meanwhile, a defector from the Chimera continues to help Hannah. But as more of her humanity slips away in her grief and rage, a hauntingly-familiar voice returns her to a world of unimaginable pain.

New York Times bestselling horror writer Cullen Bunn (Harrow County, The Empty Man) reunites with his Bone Parish co-creator, artist Jonas Scharf (Avengers Of The Wasteland), to continue the second chapter of their hit rural horror series laced with supernatural fantasy rooted in the way we process the world-our senses.

Collects Basilisk #5-8.

FOC DATE: 6/6/2022
SKU: FEB220766

UPC / ISBN: 9781684158348


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