SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN celebrates its milestone 25TH ISSUE with an oversized story and the FIRST APPEARANCE of a new antagonist - CUTTER! 

With over 2 million copies sold, Something Is Killing the Children by writer James Tynion IV and artist Werther Dell’Edera has taken the comic world by storm! And to celebrate it's milestone 25th issue they're delivering an oversized, action-packed Slaughter special! 

Since the last story arc in Archer's Peak, Erica has gone rogue and defected from her organization of monster hunters at the House of Slaughter. Now she has another group of enemies to add to her list on top of the authorities and the monsters she hunts! And this oversized special issue introduces an all new enemy on the hunt for the absconded Erica from St. George's sister organization, The House of CUTTER! 

Trust us, you're not going to want to miss a second of the action in this issue!

What's the Scoop on SIKTC #25?


With over two million copies of the series sold to date, the first arc of Erica's mission in Tribulation reaches its shocking conclusion in this milestone anniversary issue that no Something is Killing the Children fan will want to miss!

While Erica's blades are occupied with an entity unlike anything she's faced, she receives a phone call... with tragedy on the other end of the line.

As things look dire, someone Erica once saved may have to find unexpected help to return the favor...





The Variant Covers!

This milestone issue is going to have some sick variant covers by an awesome array of artists and rightfully so! With artists like Jenny Frison, Peach Momoko, J.G. Jones and more on the cover line up, you might just have to snag them all! 
We've also got two very special BLACK CAPE EXCLUSIVE VARIANTS available only at Third Eye by artists Jeehyung Lee &  Francesco Mobili!