Store Info

Address: 1816 Margaret Ave
Annapolis, MD 21401

Phone: 240-665-5807


Store Hours

  • FRI: 11AM-5PM
  • SAT: 11AM-5PM
  • SUN: 11AM-5PM


As a heads up, we do not purchase everything that comes through Third Eye Buys, even at our flat rates, but we are always happy to take a look at what you bring in! Please note that in some cases, depending on our current back-stock of stuff, we may have to pass on your items when you visit.


COMICS - 1 Long Box - $20 Cash / $30 Credit

COMICS - 1 Short Box - $10 Cash / $15 Credit

GRAPHIC NOVELS (Soft Covers) - $1 Cash / $2 Credit

GRAPHIC NOVELS (Hard Covers) - $1 Cash / $2 Credit

MANGA - $2 Cash / $3 Credit

POP FIGURES (In Box Only) - $2 Cash / $3 Credit

ACTION FIGURES (In Box) - $2 Cash / $3 Credit

ACTION FIGURES (Loose) - $.50c Cash / $1 Credit


Third Eye Buys is a storefront located one block down from the flagship Third Eye Comics store in Annapolis, MD dedicated to buying your stuff!


Third Eye Buys is a storefront located 1 block down from the flagship Third Eye Comics store in Annapolis, MD dedicated to buying your stuff!

Toys, comics, video games, records, and so much more! Ask us if we’re interested, and the worst we’ll tell you is that we’re not buying that kind of item right now!

Please note: due to an ever-changing inventory, sometimes our needs for items may increase or decrease, which may impact our ability to purchase.

Best answer for you? Call ahead 240-665-5807 or e-mail, and we can let you know if we’re currently purchasing those items!

It’s simple, fast, and friendly! You bring your items in, one of our team reviews them, and then we check our current inventory levels, and offer your two prices: one for cash, one for store credit valid at any Third Eye Comics location.

When we purchase, we do tend to purchase in bulk lots, so please note: the price we’re going to offer you is almost always going to be significantly lower than what you would make if you were taking the time to break down your items into individual listings and sell via eBay or another online marketplace.

It almost always depends on the type of items, and our current inventory levels, which we often keep updated on signage in the store (and of course, we’ll let you know too!)
However, we’re going to be 110% transparent: our purchase prices are low compared to if you were to sell these items yourself.

We will always let you know the pros & cons of selling to us vs. selling direct to collector, and while we do not offer appraisal services at this time, we are more than happy to ballpark what you could make if you were to invest the time and labor to sell directly to consumers vs. selling to us.

Not at this time.

Not at this time.

The current rates link at the top of our page!