Marvel introduces a bold new era for Steve Rogers in CAPTAIN AMERICA SENTINEL OF LIBERTY #1!

Marvel kicked off all the Cap action action back in April with the release of CAPTAIN AMERICA #0 featuring Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers both rocking the classic red, white and blue! Then in May we got the first issue of CAPTAIN AMERICA SYMBOL OF TRUTH starring Sam Wilson that introduced a whole new mystery surrounding Cap's past! Now Steve gets his star moment in this new series that will explore how Captain America has changed and what it really means to be a patriot in the year 2022. But don't worry there's still going to be plenty of action in this new series with the introduction of a new DESTROYER who will be the first clue to a much larger, more explosive mystery! 
"The shield isn't what you think. It's not your symbol. It's theirs."
The shield is one of the most iconic images in the world. It stands for hope, justice and the protection of the innocent. It also holds a secret, undiscovered until now, that will change the way Steve Rogers views the 20th century...and how he chooses to fight in the 21st.
Nothing is what it appears in this game-changing Captain America run by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly (KANG THE CONQUEROR) and Stormbreaker Carmen Carnero (MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN, CAPTAIN MARVEL, STAR).
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This Bat-kid gets a special one-shot that explores his identity in the DC PRIDE TIM DRAKE SPECIAL #1!

Last Summer the comic world exploded over the special issue that was Batman Urban Legends #6 where Tim Drake reveals his identity as a bisexual man! It was a monumental moment in Batman history and an exciting development for an often forgot about character! Now in honor of this huge comic coming out, DC has collected this entire Tim Drake storyline from Urban Legends in one awesome volume for Pride 2022!


The breakout story from Batman: Urban Legends collected in one volume for the very first time, in time for Pride Month! Tim Drake's search for a missing friend kidnapped by the villains known as the Chaos Monsters leads Tim to realize his identity as a bisexual man. Collecting the Tim Drake stories from Batman: Urban Legends #4-6 and 10, with a brand-new story that sees Tim teaming up with his former Young Justice teammates and the Batgirls, beginning Tim Drake's 2022 path! 


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The carnage continues in this prehistoric spin on a tale as old as time in JURASSIC LEAGUE #2!

Last month kicked off this prehistoric new series where DC asks, what if the Justice League were dinosaurs? And they killed it with the first issue having the perfect mix of primal action, superhero themes, and carefully curated cartoonish humor! Such a ridiculous premise makes this the perfect easy reading to take a break from all regular superhero drama and enjoy some off the wall good fun! And come on, superhero DINOSAURS are freaking cool! 


Bizzarosaur has invaded Supersaur's home village, and now the super-powered sauropod must defend his home and the humans who have raised him since his arrival on Earth. But will he be strong enough to defeat this strange foe, or will he need the help of Wonderdon and Batsaur, who are both converging on his location? A whole new Trinity assembles for the first time in this adventure that will need to be seen to be believed!


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Jump into the ring with this new action-packed supernatural wrestling saga from Daniel Warren Johnson - DO A POWERBOMB #1! 

The creator of MURDER FALCON and Wonder Woman: Dead Earth is launching a brand-new limited series!

Lona Steelrose wants to be a pro wrestler, but she's living under the shadow of her mother, the best to ever do it. Everything changes when a wrestling-obsessed necromancer asks her to join the grandest pro wrestling tournament of all time, which is also the most dangerous! It's The Wrestler meets Dragonball Z in a tale where the competitors get more than they ever bargained for!


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The all out wishing war continues in issue 2 of this off-the-wall new series from Charles Soule & Ryan Browne - EIGHT BILLION GENIES!

Last month the creator duo that brought us Curse Words, came at us with another hilariously crazy new series - EIGHT BILLION GENIES! This speculative fiction story asks the question, what if everyone on Earth had one wish? And it goes about as well as you'd expect! But you can't even begin to know what's going to happen next as Soule & Browne take us on a rollercoaster of a journey around the world, portraying wacky wishes from all walks of life! It's an all out wish-apocalypse! 


EIGHT BILLION GENIES have appeared on earth with one wish for everyone on the planet. We've seen the first eight seconds after the genies arrived, and the first eight minutes-now brace yourself for the first eight hours, when many insane and foolish and wonderful wishes are made, and our heroes (a group of lovely people stuck in a dive bar in Detroit) try to survive the growing wishpocalypse! 


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A reaper roams the Earth in issue 2 of this new supernatural mystery series - GRIM!

Jessica Harrow finds herself trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead-something that no other reaper has ever experienced! Just what makes her so special?

Can she make her way back to the afterlife, and what exactly is going to happen now that she can walk amongst the living?

The mystery deepens in this new series from acclaimed writer Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn) and fan-favorite artist Flaviano (New Mutants)!


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Celebrate the history of these quintessential Marvel characters with the beautiful new PENGUIN CLASSICS MARVEL COLLECTIONS hardcovers!

Illustrated throughout, The Penguin Classics Marvel Collection presents specially curated comic book anthologies of the origin stories, seminal tales, and characters of the Marvel Universe to explore Marvel’s transformative and timeless influence on an entire genre of fantasy.


It is impossible to imagine American popular culture without Marvel Comics. For decades, Marvel has published groundbreaking visual narratives that sustain attention on multiple levels: as explorations of the relationship between power and responsibility; as metaphors for the experience of difference and otherness; as meditations on the pain of adolescence and the fluid nature of identity; as examinations of the meaning, and limits, of patriotism; as ironic juxtapositions of the cosmic and the quotidian; as resources for the understanding of political and social history; and as high watermarks in the artistic tradition of American cartooning. For the first time, these classic stories of some of the most iconic super heroes in the history of American comics are Penguin Classics.



Debuting in 1941—almost a year before the events of Pearl Harbor— Captain America was initially conceived by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby as a pop culture argument for US intervention in the European war against fascism. This collection includes his first appearances from 1941 alongside key examples of his first solo stories of the 1960s, in which the newly resurrected hero of World War II struggles to find his place in an unfamiliar world. The transformation of this American icon thus marks a parallel transformation in the nation itself. The introduction offers insight into the social and political significance of Captain America as a character and a national symbol, while a critical apparatus and appendices shed further light on his creative development.



As Black Panther and the leader of the hidden African nation of Wakanda, King T’Challa combines the legendary stealth of his namesake with the strength and intelligence to overcome his adversaries while earning the trust of his people. This anthology includes the Panther’s 1966 origin story by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and the critically-acclaimed “Panther’s Rage” from the character’s 1970s solo series, by Don McGregor, Rich Buckler and Billy Graham; both series were produced during a turbulent moment in America’s struggle for civil rights, and reflect that struggle in different ways. The introduction offers fresh insight into the thematic development of the Black Panther, along with the social and cultural influences that shape the world he inhabits.



This anthology goes back to the original source material for The Amazing Spider­-Man, with key stories from the first two years from 1962 to 1964.  These allegories of adolescence permanently transformed the conventions of the super hero genre by insisting that great power is never just a means to an end, but also a burden­some responsibility. The introduction offers fresh insights into character development and the personalities of his creators. Also included are rarely reprinted non–super hero stories, early letter pages, and supplemen­tal materials shedding light on Lee and Ditko’s artistic process.

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 Discover the history of THE MEN WHO CREATED GUNDAM in this awesome new dramatized manga!

In 1978 animation director Yoshiyuki Tomino set forth to change the Japanese animation industry. For decades prior, Japanese science fiction had churned out numerous tales of semi-autonomous robots that would often come to the aide of humanity, but as someone who worked on a number of those works, Tomino came to the realization that he wanted to see a more realistic robot narrative.


His vision was one where the robot, while just slightly more human in appearance, was utilized more as a tool manipulated by man. With renowned artist Yoshikazu Yasuhiko by his side, and occasionally as his artistic rival, Tomino would change the way the whole world came to see Japanese animation and the broader toy and comics industries built around it.


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Witness the second coming in an alternate versions of 1990s Las Vegas in the new creator owned series featuring art by JAE LEE - SEVEN SONS #1

JAE LEE returns to creator-owned comics with his first new title since 1994, a seven-issue limited series. SEVEN SONS is The Fugitive meets the Book of Revelation. Delph, a young man who may be the Second Coming of Christ, runs for his life as he attempts to learn the truth behind his existence.


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