Fit for an Autopsy - Sea of Tragic Beasts - Red/Blue Vinyl - Third Eye

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Fit for an Autopsy - Sea of Tragic Beasts - Red/Blue Vinyl

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Artist: Fit for an Autopsy

Album: The Sea of Tragic Beasts (Red/ Blue Splatter)

The crushing music of NJ's Fit for an Autopsy is for any fan of extreme metal, it's sound and fury is absolutely unflinching in purpose. The band expertly blends excessive, force-fueled death metal with atmospheric groove and impassioned personal diatribes, reflecting back the dark state of current events. Fit for an Autopsy are metal guys, to be certain, but they grew up in the hardcore scene. They embrace the responsibility to put as much devoted purpose into their lyrics and message as they do into their dense, heady, songs, forging a magnificently powerful new "post-deathcore."

The band buckled down in the fall of 2018 to prepare what may just be their defining moment, their 5th full length release and Nuclear Blast Records debut The Sea Of Tragic Beasts. The intention of Fit for an Autopsy to truly carve their own path appears to have been triumphantly realized. Socially conscience themes are once again abundant and blunt. There's an underlying urgency to the personal exploration on this album, and an almost desperation to the tone and delivery that truly breaks down the boundaries of extreme music, and crosses into a much more connected conduit with the listener. One thing is clear at the end of this 45 minute journey, there is no stopping Fit for an Autopsy from their realizing their vision as musicians.

UPC/ISBN: 727361513344

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