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Vampire - Masquerade: Blood Feud

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"You're in New York City, 2016, and the time is now the opportunity to seize the city is within your sights. All you need to do is take charge, pounce upon your enemies, negotiate with your allies, and take hold of your ambitions. Become a character in the immortal universe of Vampire: The Masquerade, as a vampire or human. Work with your fellow faction members to succeed at your goals before daybreak. A city of schemes, death, blood, and conflict lies before you. Only one faction will come out on top in this Blood Feud. It's up to you - and your faction - to come out on top. Who will you crush beneath your hell to get there? Who will you employ as your ally to help reach your goals? Who will stand in your way and challenge your ascension? And who must you kill to get there? Vampire: They Masquerade - Blood Feud is a game of schemes and strategy. Teams take on the roles of vampire and human factions fighting for control of New York City over the course of a long and bloody night. The overall goal of the game is to earn your team the most Victory Points by scoring Ambition cards. Blood Feud is played with 4-8 teams of 1-4 players each, as well as a Storyteller to run the game. This is an active game, and players can expect to be frequently moving and interacting. over the course of the game, teams will deeply and command fighting units, make alliances, buy and trade resources, upgrade their characters, and vote on events. Team communications and effectively using each of the game's 4 stations is key! Get ready to enter the Blood Feud! The World's First Mega Board Game! "

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