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Linda Fredriksson (they/them) shares their debut solo album 'Juniper' on We Jazz Records, 29 Oct 2021. Linda (of Mopo and Superposition) has been working on the compositions heard on the album for several years, composing them mostly on guitar, keys and by singing. Only later have they been arranged for the band heard on the album, including Fredriksson on saxes and various instruments, Tuomo Prattala (of ilmiliekki Quartet) on rhodes, moog and piano, Minna Koivisto on modular synth, moog and OP, Olavi Louhivuori (of Superposition) on drums, and Mikael Saastamoinen (of OK: KO and Superposition) on bass, plus featuring the Swedish artist Matti Bye on piano. At heart, 'Juniper' is a 'singer-songwriter album', performed by an instrumental jazz band. The end result is unique, personal, and as Linda themself puts it 'quiet and introspective'. The first single from the album is 'Neon Light [and the sky was trans]', 'a song from the shining streets - the beginning of something new', featuring field recordings of rain falling down behind the window of Linda's Helsinki working space. It's a fitting introduction to an album full on wonders and carefully crafted secrets ready to be discovered. 'Juniper' is a world unto itself, and Fredriksson describes the process as one of isolation and of learning slowly to do new things. After the demo stage, the songs were taken to the full band, but what's on the record often stays true to the minimal nature of the early demos. Linda credits their co-producer Minna Koivisto as a key ally in the process of maintaining the demo sessions' fragile beauty on the actual finished record.

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