Doctor Who - Sensorites, 140-Gram 'sense-Sphere' Marble Colored Vinyl [Import]

Doctor Who

Doctor Who - Sensorites, 140-Gram 'sense-Sphere' Marble Colored Vinyl [Import]

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Artist: Doctor Who

Album: Sensorites - 140-Gram 'Sense-Sphere' Marble Colored Vinyl [Import]

Limited triple 'Sense-Sphere marble colored vinyl LP pressing presented in individual pockets which, when placed in order, reveal a double-sided composite illustration. An accompanying booklet supplies cast and credits, and inner bags featuring complete episode billings. Includes embossed, frameable art print. Demon Records presents a narrated TV soundtrack from the very first series of Doctor Who, starring William Hartnell as the Doctor. The TARDIS lands on board a spaceship, in orbit around a planet known as the Sense-Sphere. The Doctor and his companions learn that the human crew have been imprisoned on their craft by the Sensorites, who blame them for the introduction of a fatal disease. When the Sensorites steal the TARDIS lock, the travelers are forced to go with the aliens to their planet and attempt to broker peace between the races. But many dangers lie ahead. This 1964 TV adventure is narrated by William Russell, who also plays Ian Chesterton. The supporting cast includes Jacqueline Hill as Barbara and Carole Ann Ford as Susan, with Stephen Dartnell, Ilona Rodgers and Lorne Cossette. Incidental music is composed by Norman Kay, and the familiar strains of the Doctor Who theme are courtesy of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

UPC/ISBN: 5014797905474

Release Date: 07/22/2022

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