Casper, Caleb De - Femme Boy

Caleb De Casper

Casper, Caleb De - Femme Boy

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Artist: Caleb De Casper

Album: Femme Boy

The new album from the outrageous Caleb DeCasper. Sabrina Ellis of A Giant Dog/Sweet Spirit provides guest vocals on "Dreamer". Also appearances by P1nkstar and Vestite.

'Caleb de Casper's debut album, Femme Boy, is a heat-seeking missile aimed at your underpants. And like any good weapon of mass libido, it has the power to make you both uncomfortable and aroused, often at the same time. Unabashedly sexual and unapologetically queer, de Casper struts through 12 songs ranging from glammed up synth-pop in "Danny You're a F*ckboy" to gloomy ballads like "Never Home," lamenting the real-world pain and alienation that comes with not fitting in. All delivered with an unflinching, sometimes shocking honesty, that can make even the proudest libertine blush.'- KUTX

Electronic artist Caleb de Casper makes his Chicken Ranch debut with "Femme Boy".

The Most Memorable Moments of Sunday's ACL Fest

Caleb de Casper Pulls Out All the Stops

Clad in a glittering leotard with a rose vine neckline and matching crown, Austin's Caleb de Casper rolled onto the Barton Springs stage quite literally framed in a flashing rainbow cutout - pushed by dancers-turned-stagehands. Undeterred by the modest early-afternoon audience, the extravagant vocalist pulled all the stops to forge a synth-pop-fueled set. Unrestricted, de Casper's choreographed theatrics brought his vision of 2022 tour-de-force LP Femme Boy to life. Already accompanied by his supporting band for the first two movements, "Do You Feel" marked the official entrance of the delightful backup dancers - with outfits to complement the singer's and moves to match the eccentric pop sound of "Unicorn." Peering sharply over Fifties-style sunglasses, de Casper connected to adoring fans through fluctuating electronic beats and audacious flair. With feather boas, pom-poms, and tantalizing phantasmagoria, the "Real Girl" showed the tenacity of a true superstar.

Alyssa Quiles - The Austin Chronicle (10/11/2022)

UPC/ISBN: 760137113799

Release Date: 01/20/2023


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