Poison Boys - Don't You Turn On Me

Poison Boys

Poison Boys - Don't You Turn On Me

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Artist: Poison Boys

Album: Don't You Turn On Me

Don't You Turn On Me is the second Poison Boys full length album. It's been a long time coming since their first album?Out of My Head?in 2019 and is a general move in the direction of the band's punk styling and ability to write hard-hitting, late 1970's punk steeped fully in rock n roll roots. It ranges in vibe from more early-mid 70's sleazier hits to blistering punk rippers, from instant punk classics to Johnny Thunders sleaze rock. Shining bright like rock n roll torch bearers through the endless sea of bands; who add too many modern influences to their pursuit of punk, Poison Boys are bringing you back to 1977 with this new album, transporting you to a time and place you may not have even existed during, but definitely wish you were there for. Founded in 2014 by Matt Dudzik and Mike Lippmann, who tragically passed away by a drug overdose, the band stays true to the sounds of late 1960's/ early 1970's, protopunk bands like the Stooges, the New York Dolls, and the Flamin' Groovies, and mixing them with late 1970's New York and UK punk bands like The Heartbreakers, Dead Boys, Vibrators, and Slaughter and The Dogs, with a little Hanoi Rocks glam for good measure. With the current line-up of Poison Boys is singer/guitarist Matt Dudzik, guitarist Steve Elfinger, bassist Nico Bones, and drummer Matt Chaney. Poison Boys are clearly not slowing down anytime soon.

UPC/ISBN: 884860430111

Release Date: 07/22/2022


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