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Atlas of Dark Destinations: Explore the World of Dark Tourism (Hardcover)

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Atlas of Dark Destinations: Explore the World of Dark Tourism - Hardcover

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This one of a kind travel guide makes it its business to show you some of the most sinister and disturbing sites in the course of human history. Whether you're looking to better understand how close we came to nuclear apocalypse during the height of the Cold War, grasp the scale of the Holocaust, or visit the sites of some of the most devastating natural disasters in recorded history, this book has you covered. With destinations on each of the continents, and a wide variety of morbid reasons to make a trip, author Peter Hohenhaus has your next sinister vacation all mapped out for you. Though each of these locations reminds the traveller of horrible events in our past, Hohenhaus is also sure to remind the reader that in spite of all the death these destinations have host to, humans are still here, still persisting. Perhaps there is room for optimism in all this morbidity after all.

UPC/ISBN: 9781913947194

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