COMPLETE PEANUTS TP VOL 16 1981-1982 - Third Eye

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(W) Schulz, Charles M. (A) Schulz, Charles M. (CA) Schulz, Charles M.

Fantagraphics Books
RELEASE DATE: 9/14/2022
(W) Schulz, Charles M. (A) Schulz, Charles M. (CA) Schulz, Charles M.

The world's greatest comic strip enters the '80s!
In volume 16 of The Complete Peanuts (softcover edition), Snoopy's long-lost brother "Marbles" joins the cast of characters - and is baffled by Snoopy's un-doglike behavior. Charlie Brown lives up to his hard-luck reputation: on the day of the biggest game of the season, he loses the baseball field! In other stories, Peppermint Patty witnesses the "butterfly miracle," Linus and Sally spar over whether he is indeed her "Sweet Babboo," the Van Pelts foray into an ill-fated farming venture, and two of the most eccentric characters from later Peanuts years - the hyper-aggressive Molly Volley and the whiny "Crybaby" Boobie - return for a rematch. Lynn Johnston (For Better or For Worse) introduces this volume.
The Complete Peanuts: 50 Years of Art. 26 Books. The publishing project that launched a renaissance in comic strip publishing: the complete reprinting of Charles M. Schulz's classic, Peanuts. This is the only place Peanuts has ever been collected in its entirety. Featuring impeccable production values, every single strip is reproduced better than ever before. The series presents the entire run in chronological order, dailies and Sundays, two years per volume, and includes forewords by famous fans and friends of Peanuts.

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SKU: AUG221436

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