Best of My Little Pony, Vol. 2: Mares in Manehattan TP

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Best of My Little Pony, Vol. 2: Mares in Manehattan TP

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Estimated Release Date: 10/09/2024

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(W) Ted Anderson; Thom Zahler; Jeremy Whitley (A) Agnes Garbowska; Andy Price

Celebrate the most thrilling adventures of your favorite ponies and storylines, curated from the popular IDW comics in this accessibly priced, all-ages compilation graphic novel.Manehattan, here we come! Three fun tales of friendship in the big city! First, Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy visit Manehattan to see Trixie’s magic show. Then, Rarity has some work to do, making costumes for Bab Seed’s next big event. And finally, Fluttershy and Rarity travel to Manehattan where Rarity is shocked to find old fashions are back in style! How dare they?!Collects My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic issues #21, #22, and #64 and My Little Pony: Friends Forever #13 by Ted Anderson, Agnes Garbowska, Thom Zahler, Andy Price, and Jeremy Whitley.

UPC/ISBN: 9781506745244

SKU: PRH-9781506745244

FOC Date: 07/22/2024

Estimated Release Date: 10/09/2024


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