Bluey Character Tubes Puzzle Set - 2pk

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Bluey Character Tubes Puzzle Set - 2pk

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With these puzzles, you are guaranteed to have so much fun with Bluey and Bingo! Piece together two unique puzzles featuring everyone's favorite pups. Whimsical tube packaging brings the characters to life, making these puzzles extra special. Plus, this packaging makes the puzzle pieces super easy to put away and store on your board game shelf. When you have these puzzles on hand, your kids can use their imagination to see the hilarious scenes from their favorite show. That way, they can stay with their best buddies, Bluey and Bingo, even when it’s time to turn off the screens. This is an ideal gift for kids who can’t get enough of Bluey and her family of dogs. See all 4 family members from the show- Bluey, Bingo, Mum, and Dad- throughout both scenes on these puzzles. Whether they are at the beautiful beach in Australia, or playing games in front of their colorful red and yellow house, kids will always have a blast with the Bluey fam. With 36 pieces included in each puzzle, these jigsaw games will be a perfect challenge for young children. And if they love these puzzles, check out the 4-pack of Bluey puzzles for even more fun!



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