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RELEASE DATE: 4/5/2023

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Triple Threat! Three Spy/Thriller stories.
One collection: Modern pulp style! Collecting the first two stories published in 2022 in the CLASSIFIED collection, plus a bonus tale! Get ready to jump on a ride full of revelations, treasons, and deceit.
Opening the volume, JAEGER, from fan favorite creator Ibrahim Moustafa, a cold war spy thriller pitting a newly appointed MI6 agent against a former Nazi who happens to be his torturer during World War 2!
Next up is THE BLACK BOX. Brought to you by Fabrice Sapolsky and the late Tom Lyle, this unique tale follows Uli Troy, a historian working at the secret White House Storage facility who stumbles upon one of the most explosive secrets American Presidents have managed to keep under wraps: a music box, which stayed in the Oval Office for 200 years and recorded every conversation in the room, unbeknownst to any soul!
Bonus: THE RED CEDAR! A Lebanon based revenge/ vigilante story from Izzy Salhani and Cem Vural. Don't sleep on this one or you may regret it.

UPC / ISBN: 9780999276686

FOC DATE: 3/6/2023


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