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Adam Warren stands as a unique talent. A manga-influenced visionary who brought an original sensibility and quirky voice to the fan-favorite teens of Gen13. The first part of Warren's groundbreaking run on Gen13 — issues #60-65 — was presented in the hit GEN13: SUPER-HUMAN LIKE YOU. This volume collects Warren's GEN13 #43-44 and 66-70, featuring an all-star lineup of artists, including J. Scott Campbell, Terry Dodson, Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, Lee Bermejo, Kaare Andrews, Rick Mays, Ed Benes, and Brian Stelfreeze. Wrapped in a new cover by Warren, this collection includes the 2-issue "Failed Universe" saga as well as "Uncle Cloud," the in-depth examination of Sarah Rainmaker's family history and weather control powers. Collected here for the first time, these issues — full of cheap laughs and rich drama — are joined by an earlier Adam Warren-written Gen13 story guest-starring Mr. Majestic.Warren's twisted imagination speeds the reader through time and space, including visits to Jupiter, a Mongolian Grill, and the Authority's Carrier as Caitlin, Roxy, Bobby, Grunge and Sarah cope with wonky physics and a promise made in desperation to evil Ivana Baiul. As a special bonus, at no extra cost, we throw in the 2-part story arc "A Savage Breast," in which a pop song threatens to take over the world!




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