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Grit - Grit

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Artist: The Grit

Album: Grit

Formed in London's Islington borough in 1970, Grit would perform their heavy psychedelic rock locally for three years, disbanding and disappearing before they could sign a contract with a record label. Their sole recorded output was a three-track demo, recorded in 1972, of which only two copies were ever pressed. One of those copies made it's way to Germany, where it was discovered in a flea market by record collector and psychedelic rock expert Hans Pokora. After being featured in Pokora's "7001 Record Collector Dreams" and being awarded the maximum grade of rarity, the record quickly became an object of desire for crate diggers around the world. It didn't take long for somebody to track down original guitarist Frank "Spider" Martinez, and with the original master tapes he still had in his possession, reissues were off to the races!

And for good reason - not only is this record incredibly rare, but the heavy psychedelic rock on the album is unparalleled, with comparisons to Cream, Jimmy Hendrix, and John Mayall hardly doing it the justice it deserves. Fuzzed out riffs, Robert Plant-esque shout singing, and some of the most aggressive drumming this side of the Thames, makes for a psychedelic rock sound that's unmistakably British but undeniably awesome. Featuring never before heard recordings of rehearsals, including a cover of Burnin Red Ivanhoe's "Across The Windowsill", this is a record as valuable for it's history as it is it's sound. Reissued with a Japanese obi-strip for the first time ever, don't miss Grit only from P-VINE Records.

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