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If You Know You Know IYKYK

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If You Know You Know! The new IYKYK party game from Spin Master Games is here to put you to the challenge: How well do you know your friends? Your coworkers? Your family? Your significant other? The questions are hilarious, and you are sure to die laughing at the adults-only NSFW card deck. But be careful- these are for adults 18 and up only- these questions get wild! Getting started and playing this card game is super simple. A rotating judge asks the group a question about themselves from each of the three levels. Then, everyone chooses their answer. If you guess the judge's answer correct, you get a point. Whoever has the most points at the end wins! The funny questions span multiple topics, ranging from pop culture to food habits. Such as: Do I prefer my wings with a side of ranch or blue cheese? If I have to get somewhere, I’m using… Google maps, Apple maps, or Waze? My favorite Chris is… Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt, or Rock? This adult game for 2-6 players is a fun time for holiday gatherings, birthday parties, or just a casual Friday night of family board games. Prepare for a night of laughs with this new board game based on the viral IYKYK internet trend.



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