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Johnny Boo Goes To School (Johnny Boo Book 13)

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“The best little ghost in the world” continues his award-winning silliness with a wacky new adventure in a new place: SCHOOL!Johnny Boo doesn’t know what school is, but if Squiggle is going, he wants to go too! School is where you have to wear an apple on your head so the teacher doesn’t mistake you for ice cream and eat you accidentally, right? Well, maybe if your teacher is the Ice Cream Monster.There’s so much to learn! After exploring the mystery of “two plus two,” Johnny Boo and Squiggle try to figure out why the Mean Little Boy got bigger... and wait, how did he grow a mustache? This book is the perfect gift for someone about to enter school, someone who recently finished school, or anyone could use a sweet and silly story about being brave in new situations.

James Kochalka has achieved an international cult fanbase, both for his comics and graphic novels and for his quirky, dynamic music. His comics have been translated and published in countless languages, and his paintings and drawings have been exhibited around the world. His honors include four Ignatz Awards, the Harvey Award, the Eisner Award, and the first ever Cartoonist Laureate of Vermont. He created the influential “sketchbook diary” comic strip American Elf, documenting his life every day for fourteen years. His books for children include Pinky & Stinky, Johnny Boo, Dragon Puncher, and Glork Patrol. 

UPC/ISBN: 9781603095037

SKU: 9781603095037

Release Date: 06/22/2022


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