Little Game Squad: Math Starters

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Little Game Squad: Math Starters

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  • A NEW WAY TO LEARN: Toddlers and kids can be entertained and learn at the same time! Game Squad teaches them math, spelling, the alphabet and more in a fun, unique way: through puzzles. Learning to count through puzzles allows kids to learn while also hav
  • GAIN NEW SKILLS: Not only will kids learn, but they`ll gain other skills too! Game Squad games helps kids develop motor skills, spatial skills and boost cognitive recognition. Gaining new skills can be fun! Who says playing can`t also be educational?
  • PUZZLES TEACH SKILLS: Each learning games comes with 25 puzzles to solve! Learning the basics has never been so quick, easy and engaging.
  • Match and learn puzzle games are educational, single-solution puzzles for toddlers and kids ages 4 and up. It is a great way to play and learn valuable skills at the same time!
  • Spin Master offers a variety of board games & puzzles for kids & adults. Classic, card, family, trivia, party games & more. Puzzle lines feature characters for kids of all ages, adult jigsaw, 3-D & more.




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