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Estimated Release Date: 10/02/2024

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(W) Jeff Parker; Marvel Various (A) Roger Cruz; Marvel Various

Learn more about Wanda Maximoff, who uses her mystical hexes and chaos magic as the powerful Scarlet Witch!The Marvel-Verse bends to the will of the Scarlet Witch and her reality-altering hex powers! First, a young Wanda teams with Marvel Girl and Black Widow to hone her crimefighting skills! Then, when the dangerous Serpent Crown falls into the wrong hands, Agatha Harkness sends Wanda to help the Thing retrieve it! Plus, the Scarlet Witch allies with Doctor Strange to battle a mystical monster, and helps the Sorcerer Supreme keep the terrible tome known as the Darkhold out of Dracula’s vampiric clutches! And Halloween night offers more tricks than treats for Wanda and her husband, the Vision!

UPC/ISBN: 9781302959586

SKU: PRH-9781302959586

FOC Date: 07/08/2024

Estimated Release Date: 10/02/2024


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