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My Buddy, Killer Croc

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My Buddy, Killer Croc is a charming tale of a boy in a new school, his new friends and enemies, and the super-villain who teaches him how to put the bullies in their place. Andy is new to Gotham. He’s shy and quiet and in need of friends. Then he meets his wrestling hero, Waylon Jones, now known as Killer Croc. How will Andy react when he finds out the truth about his idol?Andy, like a lot of kids, feels a little lost and out of place when he moves to Gotham. He's quiet and shy...and a little worried that the scar on his face makes him stick out. Some classmates make him feel welcome, and others don't. But Andy has a secret.Back in Florida, his dad introduced him to the wrestler Waylon Jones, and Andy's pretty sure he's in Gotham now, too. If Andy can find him and ask for some wrestling tips, he can have it all. Finding Jones won't be too hard, either...because in Gotham, Jones goes by the name Killer Croc! Trouble is, Batman is looking for Andy's childhood hero, too.

Sara Farizan (she/her) is the award-winning and critically acclaimed author of the young adult novels Here to Stay, Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel, and If You Could Be Mine. She also has short stories in the anthologies Wonderful Women of History, Fresh Ink, All Out, The Radical Element, Hungry Hearts, and Come On In. She has a comic book collection from childhood that continues to grow, and writing this story is a dream come true.Nicoletta Baldari is a cartoonist and character designer who works with Disney, DC Comics, Hasbro, Konami, Dark Horse, IDW, and Lucasfilm drawing cool princesses, Jedis, and everything you can imagine. But if eating french fries was a job, she'd apply for that instead. Her home is the west wing of Wayne Manor (which everybody knows is on the south side of Rome) with her husband and two sweet kittens that are always playing with her hair.

UPC/ISBN: 9781779501240

SKU: 9781779501240

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