Old Geezers HC Vol 02 (MR)


Old Geezers HC Vol 02 (MR)

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The geezers are back! An international bestseller, regularly topping the graphic novel bestseller lists across Europe - with hundreds of thousands of copies sold. Come find out why the geezers have won the hearts of so many...in this gorgeously illustrated, beautifully written graphic novel series.

The Old Geezers Vol 2 includes two new stories, featuring three septuagenarians who have been friends since childhood: Antoine, Emile, and Pierrot.

In "The One Who Got Away", things aren't looking so good for the Geezers... one of them's in the hospital, the other's been arrested, and the third one is dealing with leaky roofs, drowning sheep, and eggs he doesn't approve of. Two new characters make their appearance in this book, and through their stories we are taken to shark-infested waters and treasure-hunting in the Pacific, to village fairs, rugby matches, broken hearts, and behavior unbefitting neighbors-which continues to this day. Thank goodness young Sophie and her puppets are around to keep these old men in check.

And in "The Magician", peaceful country living consisting of leaky roofs, puppet shows, and drinks and arguments at the local tavern is disturbed when a rare species of grasshopper is discovered in a local field, and suddenly environmentalists, politicians, hunters, Big Pharma, union people, mushroom pickers and geriatric anarchists are all loudly fighting for what they believe is the right approach to things. In the midst of all this, one love story may be blooming in spite of a curse, another may be doomed for good and for poop, and questions of paternity arise yet again.

UPC/ISBN: 9781950912353

SKU: MAR210977

FOC Date: 08/15/2021

Release Date: 09/08/2021


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