The Book of the Raven: Corvids in Art and Legend  (Paperback)

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The Book of the Raven: Corvids in Art and Legend - Paperback

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Since Edgar Allen Poe wrote his famous poem, ravens and crows have gained a kind of prominence as a symbol of the macabre and supernatural. But the significance of corvids dates back to way before Poe. They occupied prominent positions in creation myths in various cultures, were emblazoned on banners and shields in medieval times, and have been spotted in the constellations for as long as humans have looked at stars. In this beautiful new book, authors Angus Hyland and Caroline Roberts document the corvid's place in the human imagination and in various cultures throughout history. With beautiful photographs and paintings as well as texts and poems, this book is the ultimate collection of all things corvid. A must read for any lover of these mischievous birds.

UPC/ISBN: 9781786277015


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