Though I Am An Inept Villainess: Tale Of The Butterfly-Rat Body Swap In The Maid En Court (Light Novel) Vol. 1 - Third Eye

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Though I Am An Inept Villainess: Tale Of The Butterfly-Rat Body Swap In The Maid En Court (Light Novel) Vol. 1

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Prepare for swirling court intrigue in this magical "trading places" tale of maidens competing for the crown--and don't miss the manga adaptation, also from Seven Seas!In a kingdom inspired by historical China, five clans put forth their maidens as imperial consorts--but only one will be crowned empress. The frail and beautiful Kou Reirin, the so-called "butterfly" of the imperial court, is a shoo-in to marry the crown prince. But when "court rat" Shu Keigetsu lashes out at her during the glittering Lantern Festival, it's Reirin who wakes up in the dungeons! Body-swapped by her assailant to steal her position at court, Reirin's plight seems everyone else! Now that she's got a robust new body, not even the looming threat of execution can stop her!

Satsuki Nakamura is a Japanese writer who has penned multiple series, most notably the Though I Am an Inept Villainess light novels and manga. Yukikana is a Japanese designer and illustrator who has worked on numerous novels, manga, and games, including Though I Am an Inept Villainess, I’ll Never Set Foot in That House Again!, and the mobile game Icchibanketsu -ONLINE-.

UPC/ISBN: 9781638586371

FOC Date: 05/01/2022

Release Date: 09/21/2022

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