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Voices That Count

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Brought to life by a host of talented creators, this graphic novel anthology dissects what it means to be a woman in today’s hyper-masculine world.VOICES THAT COUNT is a collection of short comics that celebrates women. Printed in English for the first time, this Spanish collection highlights and uplifts women’s voices, collecting their stories of life, love, and empowerment. Interacting with everything from the realities of gender imbalance in the workplace—through a gender-flipped lens—to toxic beauty standards taking a toll on the body image of young girls, VOICES THAT COUNT gives women a space to recount their struggles and triumphs.In the words of artist Ada Diez, “This comic shows the importance of an unconditionally supportive family environment, the necessity of the right educational groundwork as a feminist principle, and the key to fight for your dreams—understanding the importance of an individual’s independence, forgetting what’s been established by gender rules.”This inspiring and thought-provoking volume collects nine stories from some of Spain’s best and brightest female authors and illustrators.

Voices That Count is an anthology featuring contributions from Julia Otero, Ada Diez, Lola García, Agustina Guerrero, Diana López Varela, Akira Pantsu, Estefanía Molina, Ana Oncina, Eva Amaral, María Hesse, Leticia Dolera, Raquel Riba Rossy, Sandra Sabatés, Sandra Cardona, Almudena Grandes, Sara Herranz, Patricia Campos, and Sara Soler. Cover art is by Esther Gili. 

UPC/ISBN: 9781684059171

SKU: 9781684059171

Release Date: 07/13/2022


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