Weather Dice (5)


Weather Dice (5)

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The perfect gift for your DM (especially if that`s you). Roll weather conditions in DnD 5e without looking up the rules. One roll, no charts. The DMG provides rules for rolling weather in DnD 5th edition. Every day we roll to see what the weather will bring, and we still have to look it up every time. This set of 5 dice (3d20 + 2d4) is the rules. You just roll the dice once every day, like a hag with bones, and tell your party what the weather will be. It`s lightning fast and doesnt require any memorization. Wind and Precipitation: 5 faces are marked to indicate light wind/precipitation, and 3 are marked to indicate heavy wind/precipitation to reflect the official rules. One of the 3 heavy faces on each die is marked by extra wind/precipitation symbols for an optional critical or natural 20 ruling. Temperature: 6 marked faces indicate colder and warmer-than average days (3 faces each). When rolled, consult the related temperature d4.Hot and Cold d4: Marked in increments of 10, 20, 30 and 40F, these dice determine the temperature deviation on hotter- and colder than-normal days.

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