Now Playing at Third Eye Games for 7/1/22!!

Now Playing at Third Eye Games for 7/1/22!!

The Ultimate Pokemon mash -up! Pokemon TCG meets Pokemon GO!!
Gear up for battle like never before as Pokémon GO meets the Pokémon Trading Card Game! Dragonite VSTAR and Mewtwo VSTAR show off immense powers, while Melmetal VMAX in its Gigantamax form smashes the competition. Appearing as sought-after Shiny Pokémon, Radiant Venusaur, Radiant Charizard, and Radiant Blastoise bring dazzling new strategies to the battlefield. Meanwhile, the leaders of Team Instinct, Team Mystic, and Team Valor are ready to show their support in the Pokémon TCG: Pokémon GO expansion!
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Flesh and Blood, Uprising is straight FIRE!!
Uprising is a standalone booster set that plunges fans into a brutal civil war sweeping across the harsh and unforgiving land of Volcor.

Dromai, an Imperial Illusionist able to conjure the legendary dragons of Volcor out of aether and ash faces off against Fai, a hot-headed Ninja who spearheads the Uprising against the draconian oppression of the Imperials, while Lyslander journeys from her Icy homestead in search of answers to painful questions seared deep within her mind.

Uprising is designed for exceptional booster draft, sealed deck, and constructed play, and includes incredible "Marvels" that will leave players and collectors in awe!

Uprising introduces the new Marvel rarity, each one having a carefully crafted design feature that sets it apart from its regular printing. Discover the incredible Marvels of Volcor and the secrets that dwell beneath their surface.
Grab a friend and dive into the world of Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings with the Core Box Set!
More than six centuries have passed since the Fall of Eä. Humanity struggles to rebuild after that cataclysm and the Long Winter than followed. With the Hollow Throne empty, the Hundred Kingdoms remain embroiled in internecine warfare, as the Nobility covets the remnants of the Empire, while the Church grinds its teeth at the weakened Orders.

With mankind far from the glory and might of its Old Dominion, the enigmatic Spires exert their power for the first time in eons. Shedding a millennia of custom and practice, the merchant princes seek the wealth of lesser races, in an effort to break the stranglehold of power the Directorate and the Sovereign Houses exert. As the vicious games of these elders spill into the mortal realm, misery and warfare spread like a disease from their domains.
With proposed scenarios designed to ease you into the system of Conquest, the box contains three warbands and a commander unit for each faction, allowing two players to clash on the field. Whether you rally the might of the Hundred Kingdoms or command the twisted creations of the Spires, the objective is one and the same: Conquest.
Bullet Hecks meet board games in this fast paced game!!
Assume the role of one of Earth's most powerful Heroines as you settle their disputes with each other through excessive firepower! Use your actions to form patterns, clear your board of bullets, and assault the opponent! Keep up dealing with the curtain of bullets coming at you each round and be the last Heroine standing to win!

Each Heroine wields a different power that changes how you experience the game! Control sound, paper, technology, gravity, triangles, and more!

Four game modes! Do a solo run in Score Attack, have a Free-For-All with 2-4 players, form 2-player Teams for battle, or fight each Heroine's dangerous Boss Mode by yourself or cooperate with others!
Assume the role of the universes' most powerful heroines as you settle their disputes with excessive firepower! Use actions to form patterns, clear bullets from your sight, and bombard the opponent! Deal with the curtain of bullets coming at you each round and be the last heroine standing to win!

Each heroine wields a dynamic power that changes how you play the game! Control fireworks, zombies, the news, and more!

4 game modes! Play solo with Score Attack. Free-For-All with 2-4 friends, form 2 player Teams, or fight each heroine's dangerous Boss Mode by yourself or with others!

Combine Bullet Star with Bullet Heart to support up to 8 players!
Robots use creative action sequencing to infiltrate corrupt human corporations!!
The newest release from Chip Theory Games has arrived (along with a massive restock of Too Many Bones!!)
A puzzly infiltration game for 1-4 players, burncycle puts you in command of a team of robots in the far future. Their mission: taking down evil, human-run corporations responsible for subjugating AI under their heel. Your team arrives at each corporate headquarters and must sneak inside, shutting down the companies' physical operations as well as their circuitous digital networks. As you search rooms and advance to the higher floors, you'll be rewarded with new items and abilities, but you'll also be challenged by threatening guards, fatal viruses and the architecture itself, which was built to fight off robotic intruders.
Key to this solo and cooperative experience is the idea of “creative action sequencing.” During each round of play, all players will contend with a randomly drawn set of programming directives, which tell them in what order their bots are allowed to take physical, digital and command actions. Players can choose to skip over directives at the cost of having an incomplete turn, or they can disobey the directions by paying costly action dice. The best players, however, find a way to work within the “burncycle”: essentially, organizing their actions so that they benefit the team while staying within the directive order.
Each of the corporate headquarters in the game use unique neoprene layouts on a larger mat, changing the geography of the game to suit your target. Each CEO also has at their disposal a special threat meter, which will trigger new obstacles for your robots as time runs out. If you don't complete the mission quickly, you may end up leaving bots behind, the victims of immobilizing power drains or destructive counterhacking.
Your team wins the game if you complete your objectives on every floor without losing your captain or maxing out your threat level.
-description from publisher
Ages: 13+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 45-180 minutes
Songstress Stanza & stealthy Duster board a raft & chuck gobs of dice on the Sibron!
Join new playable Gearloc characters Stanza and Duster as they journey down the Sibron River in search of answers in this standalone expansion/sequel to Too Many Bones!
Too Many Bones: Undertow allows for 1-2 players out of the box, but by bringing in additional Gearlocs from the original game or adding in characters like Ghillie, Nugget, and Tink, you can create an adventure for up to four players. Undertow features all new baddies, encounters, tyrants, and a double-sided battle mat. Battles take place both on land and on your raft, adding even more variety and brain-bending tactics.
Help Ichabod escape in this Solo Card Game!!
Ichabod Crane is returning home from the evenings festivities at the Van Tassel mansion but he now finds himself being stalked in the woods by the mysterious Headless Horseman and other foul frights. In this solo push-your-luck game, you must guide Ichabod to the old covered bridge on the other side of the woods before a final confrontation with the Horseman costs Ichabod his head!
Manatees pay off loans, and it all comes in a super cute FANATEE Pack!!
A casual strategy game showing the adventurous entrepreneurial spirit of millennials... packaged inside a wearable "Fanatee Pack"
Players Bid for new Venture cards to earn coins in an attempt to be the first to pay back student loans first.
Job levels have different difficulty levels (Basic, Salty, or Big Mood) and perks if the correct manatee Customer is drawn. And if none of those jobs appeal to you you can always take a volunteer position of get a boomer handout.
First to pay back 20 manatee coins in student loans wins!
A trivia game where it's right to be wrong!!
In the trivia game So Wrong It's Right, each question is simple, but it has five possible answers, so answering the right way — or in most cases, the wrong way, from shouting out answers backwards, to swapping the letters around, to getting the answer totally wrong — is a little tricky.
Figure out how to use two letters to answer a random challenge!
In Noggin, players take turns dealing their cards — a combination of letter cards and action cards — equally on three piles. When an action card appears, the other two piles will have letter cards on top, and the action card tells you how to use the two visible letters to create an answer, ideally as quickly as you can!
For example, the letters M and A combined with a "Describe" action card could be answered with "Amazing Magician", whereas a "Name Initial" card might prompt you to say "Muhammed Ali". If you give an answer first that your playing partners agree is credible, you keep that action card. Whoever collects the most action cards wins.
Build a great and colorful stone tower to guide yaks in the Himalayas!
In Yak, the village elder has given you (and others) the task of constructing a great stone tower to guide the merchants and their yaks in the Himalayas. Each turn, a yak pulls its cart into your village. Will you find stones for your tower, or food for your reserves? Or will you need to visit the market to find what you need?

Over the course of the game, each player builds their own stone tower by acquiring stones from visiting merchants. You start the game with one good of each type (meat, milk, bread) and three cards in hand: build, restock, and market. Three or four carts being pulled by yaks start on the game board, with each player having one cart in front of them and each cart containing three stones and some food. Each cart has a restriction on it, e.g., "no bread" because its yak is gluten intolerant.
Ages: 8+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 45 minutes
This week brings us 2 new Combat Patrols, Data Cards and Codexes! 
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